Informative Links

Family and Children’s Agency is a resource in the greater Fairfield County, Connecticut community providing dynamic programs in such areas as counseling, adoption, foster care, home care, support to businesses and youth. VCAS partners with FCA in international adoptions.

State of Vermont Department for Children and Families Information on Vermont’s Adoption Registry, and other services for children and families.

Urban Ecology develops harmony with urban planning and nature.

United Way of America is about people helping people. If you or someone you know needs help or information, please contact your local United Way or one of our agency partners.

Vermont 2-1-1 is a statewide human service resource directory. If you or someone you know needs help but are unsure where to find it, this is a great start. Find out more at their site!

Co. Dance encourages and teaches the art of dance to children.

Vermont Legislature’s Resolution Recognizing 90th Anniversary Many thanks to Rep. Jason Lorber for helping mark this milestone!

Wide Horizons for Children One of our partners in international adoption.