History, Mission & Values

Vermont Children’s Aid Society was established in 1919 to help find permanent families for the Vermont children orphaned by the 1918-1919 flu
epidemic. Since then, we have continued to grow, expand, and find new ways to serve our communities’ children and families.

We support and strengthen families by providing services that address adoption, foster care, transition and change issues, guardianship, kinship care and parent incarceration. Our professional social work staff works together with families and children to help sort out these challenges and provide necessary supports to help families grow strong.

Our mission is to provide services which seek to support and strengthen families, and promote safe, stable, and nurturing environments for children.

Our Core Values:

1. VCAS is Child-Centered and Family-Focused.
• We are dedicated to promoting the overall physical well-being of children, families, and individuals.
• We advocate for the best interests of the child.
• We strive to support, strengthen, and preserve families.
• We strive to develop and provide prevention-orientation services.
• We are committed to the welfare of children.

2. VCAS acts with Respect for our Clients, Community and Colleagues.
• We strive to develop and maintain trusting and honest relationships.
• We respect, value, and celebrate the differences in all people.
• We are flexible and responsive to individuals’ ever-changing needs.
• We work collaboratively with community organizations to better serve the needs of children and families.

3. VCAS promotes Individual Empowerment.
• We support individual choices.
• We focus on individual strengths.
• We believe individuals have the strength, capacity, and potential to effect change.
• We encourage individual ability, creativity, and enjoyment in our work.

4. VCAS acts with Integrity and Excellence.
• We strive to improve the quality of our programs and services to our clients.
• We strive to develop and maintain trusting and honest relationships.

5. VCAS is committed to Social Justice and Equity.
• We promote the acceptance of the differences in all people.
• We advocate for all people to have the right to develop to their full potential and effect change.
• We strive to break down all barriers impeding people’s full potential.