If you are considering making an adoption plan for your baby, you deserve professional assistance in developing a plan that will feel right for you. We offer openness and flexibility. Our birth parent counseling program is designed to help birth parents feel a sense of participation and ownership in the adoption planning process. Each adoption plan is unique and offers as much control as you feel you need. There are many choices available to you as a birth parent in making a plan to entrust your child to an adoptive family. Individual counseling helps you work through the emotional issues which arise concerning this decision.

Your choices in adoption planning include the following:

Selection of an adoptive family
By reviewing biographies and photographs about approved adoptive families, you can choose a couple that meets your expectations for your baby.

Meeting the adoptive parents
After selecting a couple, you have the opportunity to meet them if this is your choice.

Support during the birth process
Your VCAS counselor acts as a liaison with hospital staff to assist in making the birth and your hospital stay a positive experience.

On-going Information Exchange
If you would like to receive information and pictures of your child over time from the adoptive parents, this option is available. Likewise, if you would like to write a letter to the family or child and exchange information on an on-going basis, this is your choice.

Financial Planning, Medical Care, Living Arrangements, Educational Opportunities
These are all issues that often need to be addressed during this time. Your counselor will help you clarify your needs and gain access to services. Assistance with medical and other related expenses is available.

Follow-up Services
Counseling and support after the placement is available to all birth parents.

How The Service Works
You will work closely with your counselor to develop a plan. Your counselor serves as your support person and advocate. She works with the adoptive parents’ social worker in facilitating your plan. All birth parent counseling services are confidential. VCAS is able to serve birth parents who deliver their babies in Vermont and New Hampshire.

We are committed to supporting you in the choices you make. As you explore adoption planning, you may decide that parenting the child yourself is the best decision for you. We are here to support you throughout the process.

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