Vermont Children’s Aid Society is a private, non-profit child welfare agency which has been helping create families through adoption for over 80 years. VCAS helps approximately 40 children each year, from the United States and several other countries, to join families.X

All services are provided by professional social work staff with graduate education and extensive experience in the complex, challenging and rewarding field of adoption.

VCAS has been a pioneer in developing comprehensive adoption services and is deeply committed to supporting, strengthening and advocating for adoptive families at every life stage. VCAS is licensed to serve families in Vermont, Grafton, Sullivan and Cheshire counties of New Hampshire, and areas in New York which border Vermont.

We offer comprehensive programs and flexible services from our offices in Winooski and Woodstock including:

• Information Packets sent upon request
• Group adoption information meetings in Winooski and Woodstock
• Individual information meetings scheduled in Winooski and Woodstock
• Counseling, support, home studies, post placement and finalization services for all types of adoptions
• Placement of children of African-American, Biracial and Caucasian heritage through VCAS and other U.S. agencies
• International placements from many countries including, but not limited to, Korea, China, India, Russia and Guatemala
• Post adoption education, support counseling and case management for adoptive parents, adoptees and birth parents